Grind Your Writing: the specialty nibs program at Stilo&Stile

With Grind Your Writing we introduce a new service to make special the writing experience with fountain pens. We have started to collaborate with international nibmeisters to produce pre-ground JoWo #6 nib unit with Stilo&Stile logo that you can buy as an accessory with your new fountain pen.

You will be able to write with handmade nibs from skilled nibmeisters that you can easily install on your fountain pen. It makes your hand writing even more exclusive and fun!

We created a section on our website where you can see the fountain pens of Grind Your Writing program. You will find a box with the special nibs and their price inside each product page.

Immediate shipping

Our special nibs have been ground and are ready for shipping. This avoids long waiting time to customize the nib after a purchase.

Easy to install

We made the special nibs of Grind Your Writing program on JoWo #6 nib. It makes it easy to install because you can unscrew the original nib and screw the special one. You will find these nibs as an option on screw-in fountain pens only.

Original product

Ordering a pen with a special nib, you will receive your new fountain pen with the original nib and the special nib separately. You can always install the original nib if you want to restore the pen in its original condition and keep its value.

New writing experience

Grind Your Writing program is joined by different nibmeisters so you can try different processes and compare their ability making unique your writing experience.


Mark Bacas aka Nib Grinder is one of the most experienced nibmeister from US. He made for the Grind Your Writing products the grinds Fude, CSI in F, M and B, Architect in F, M and B and Predator Extreme.

See our writing tests of Nib Grinder special nibs made by Mark Bacas.

CY of Tokyo Station Pen made for the Grind Your Writing program the grinds Italic,  Needlepoint, Naginata and Architect. We had great talks with him to produce special nibs that can be used in your every day writing.

See CY's page and take a look at the videos to see how his nibs write!

Joshua Lax of J.J. Lax Pen Co. is a nibmeister from New York. He made the grinds  Left Oblique, XXF and Broad Cursive Italic.

Take a look at our writing test and see more about Joshua Lax works in his page.